Oregon GMRS Repeater

FCC Part 95a Title 47 of the Electronic Code of Regulations (GMRS)

Repeater Rules & Etiquitte:

All licensed GMRS operators are welcome to use any OregonGMRS repeater unless the repeater is specified as a closed or private repeater for normal day to day communications. At times we may restrict the repeaters for emergency or priority use. Please be prepared to cease transmitting if you are informed of these conditions. We will announce when normalrepeater use is authorized once again. We do not charge for use of any repeaters, but voluntary donations strictly to cover system costs are always welcome.

Please monitor briefly before transmitting to avoid doubling with another transmitting station.

All stations must yield immediately to any form of Emergency Traffic. If you can render assistance to anyone please do so. Please be aware that some operators are also amateur (ham radio) license holders and out of habit they will often use terminology related to ham radio such as “what is your QTH” (Location), or simply the word “break”, or “Break Break Break” indicating some kind of emergency message to follow. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with different radio language from both amateur, to public safety so that you will understand what some station operators may be trying to relay. In accordance with FCC GMRS rules we encourage using clear text, but phonetics and 10 or 12 codes are also appropriate. We also encourage operators to pursue your amateur radio license but it is absolutely not required.

FCC requires that stations identify with their call sign at the end of your conversation, or every 15 minutes. We ask that all GMRS users adhere to these rules.

Unit numbers are encouraged but you are more than free to use first names as identifiers as well. We tend to use the last three digits of our call signs as unit numbers such as “573” in place of WQQL573. You will still need to identify with your full call sign every 15 minutes and when you end your conversation.

If your “unit #” ends in “0″, please pronounce it as “zero” (i.e.: 60 is Six Zero). This is for clarity only. To contact another user, please say their “unit #” first, then yours. (i.e.: 236 from 573. This makes it clearer who is calling whom especially if you’re not getting clear audio from the repeater due to location or adverse conditions.

Remember, these repeaters are for everyone in our growing communities. If an individuals conduct on the air disrupts or causes a general angst among other users, that individual will be notified of their conduct and asked to correct it. If the individual persists in the same behavior they will be banned from using the Oregon GMRS repeaters. Please be respectful as we do not want to have to remove/ban anyone from using any OregonGMRS repeater.

Prohibited uses of these repeaters are:


    Our repeaters may automatically identify with morse code (CW ID) but any other morse code communications are prohibited on the Oregon GMRS repeater system. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • No profanity. This is a "Family Friendly" repeater network.
  • Keep CB slang, etc. to an absolute minimum. Preferable none at all.
  • No indiscriminate keying or kerchunking of the repeater(s).
  • No non-directed communications, except in case of an emergency. This means no one way "Broadcasts" such as unsolicited "Weather Reports" etc... This is "Two Way" radio, not AM/FM Broadcast radio.

      Exceptions are as follows:

    1. To call for emergency help.
    2. To transmit other emergency priority communications i.e., to report a wildfire/natural disaster, lost person, or an immediete threat to our community.
    3. To provide warnings of immediate hazardous road conditions i.e., to report an object blocking a lane, traffic crash, a specific spot of black ice etc...
    4. To make brief test transmissions.
    5. To make brief announcments for an upcoming "net" by a net controller.
    6. Automated National Weather Service Watches, Warnings or Advisories - Our repeaters (and only our repeaters) may transmit these alerts automatically based on geopraphic location.

  • Only communications allowed by the FCC. 47CFR, Part 95 are permitted, except as noted above.

Repeater Jamming or other Interference Issues:

  • Please do not acknowledge transmissions from unlicensed stations or stations causing the interference.
  • Please do not discuss the repeater interference on the AIR.  If you are being interfered with, you are required to simply sign off and leave the repeater immediately.  Continuing to use the repeater or arguing with the jammer eggs on the jammer and makes the situation worse.
  • Be prepared to report the time, your location, signal strength, the type of antenna you were using, and if directional, the direction in degrees from your station, you are receiving the offending signal from.
  • Let the repeater owners handle interference problem. There may be a control operator taking action that you are not aware of.
  • Repeater owners do have the authority and responsibility to monitor and maintain complete control of the repeaters.
  • While using our repeater system and dealing with jammers, do not add to the situation by making disparaging or snide comments about any repeater owner.  Our control operators are listening most of the time.  Very little goes on that we don’t already know about.

Comments and Language

Reminder:  Due to the open nature of GMRS and any open radio networks, your communications may be heard by others.  There should be no expectation of privacy when you communicate by radio on our network.  If a specific communication requires confidentiality or is not suitable for public “ears”, you should use other communications methods.
  • Regardless of the situation, off color comments, sexual innuendo etc are NEVER allowed and will not be tolerated on the Oregon GMRS repeater system.
  • Commercial communications - you can certainly, identify your occupation, however, if you are, for example, a car salesman, you CANNOT try to sell your car's on the repeater. Talking about prices of radio equipment and general reviews of such equipment is okay.
  • Prohibited Speech - Hate Speech or derogatory remarks directed at any person or group (including ethnic, racial, religious, sexual orientation, etc.) is not allowed. Keep that type of speech to yourself.
  • Life Threats - saying stuff like you want to 'harm, inflict injury or kill' any other person or animal (unless talking about hunting and fishing) is against Repeater Use policy. Such speech may also be unlawful under both Oregon and Federal Laws.
  • Bathroom humor – If you wouldn't tell the joke to your eight year old child, don't tell it on the repeater.
  • Any activity in violation of FCC rules and/or any other Federal, State or local laws or ordinances (including, but not limited to jamming, "stepping on", broadcasting of music, unidentified carrier etc) is against our 'Repeater Use Policy'.
  • Intentionally transmitting simultaneously with another station or 'stepping on' is prohibited by FCC regulation…even if the intent is good-natured kidding among friends... It is still not allowed.
  • Proper and legal operating etiquette is really about common sense. While the above limits on content are not all inclusive, they should make clear the type of communications which are allowed on the repeater system and which are not allowed.

  • Users of any repeater system may find it interesting to note that repeater owners have the legal authority to ban problem users from their repeaters and coordinated frequency pairs on a suspension or permanent basis. Besides legally banning you from our repeaters, Oregon GMRS repeater owners reserve the right to file an corresponding FCC action against the offending station, including, but not limited to, taking separate Civil action against the offender. 

    In general, if what is being said could be construed as embarrassing or hurtful by a listener, it is probably NOT permitted. Always err on the side of caution. When in doubt…DON'T!

  • If your conduct on the air is bad enough, a repeater owner or other station operator may tell you to knock it off over the air, and if so, it's over, don't dwell upon it further.

  • If you received a notice by email or in US mail letter pointing out a possible violation of the repeater use policy, please accept the note as a helpful reminder to follow our guidelines in the future. We have sent you the notice in the spirit of trying to bring your attention to the problem at hand. Unless you were told over the air to cease transmission, any written notice will be sent with your privacy in mind. We will never discuss the matter further unless you continue to violate the policy. Please don't force us to create and publish a "banned from these repeaters list".


Questions regarding this policy are always encouraged, please feel free to contact us at info@oregongmrs.org

Jeff WRCD602