Oregon GMRS Repeater

Repeater Site: ELK675 - LINK STATUS

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  • Output Frequency: 462.675 mhz
  • Input Frequency: 467.675 mhz
  • PL Tone: 141.3 hz
  • Location: Elk Mtn. in Josephine County, Oregon.
  • Peak Type: Summit
  • Latitude: 42.541231 N
  • Longitue: -123.24728 W
  • Peak Elevation: 4,400 feet (1,341.12 m)
  • Nearest City: Rogue River (5.7 miles away)

  • Kenwood TKR-850 UHF Repeater - 40 Watts

Thank you again for all those of you that have made this possible. This is an expensive venture, and any and all support is greatly appreciated.

GMRS Repeater Coverage ELK675 Tower View