Oregon GMRS Repeater

Thanks to Steve Porter of Sis-Q Communications
and Sis-Q Cellular!!

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Elk Mtn. Repeater Site: Rogue Elk 675

I’m very happy to say our first GMRS repeater is up again and working very nicely on Elk Mtn. Some of you have been asking about some technical features of this repeater, so without getting too techy I’ll share with you some of the basics of this repeater. A few friends and I discussed many ideas about repeaters prior to this site becoming a reality with options ranging from pairing two mobile UHF radios together, to sourcing out old obsolete wide-band UHF repeaters that have been showing up on eBay for very good prices. I was lucky enough to talk to Steve Porter from Sis-Q Communications and learn quite a bit from a man with more experience in communications and radio equipment than most people on the west coast. Steve gave me some valuable guidance and after a few impromptu lessons in filtering, db separation, RF interference, combining, and much more than I could comprehend or retain, we unanimously decided the best way to approach a GMRS repeater was to use the same equipment and adhere to the same standards as any commercial public safety or business repeater. Without Steve’s help, I don’t think this repeater would have ever become a reality. The goal was to create a system that was reliable, accessable, open, and did not create any RF interferance for any of the hundreds of licensed frequencies in the Rogue Valley. I also received some honest sound advice from K7TVL Chris Novara, so it’s nice to know there are many people in this industry that will take their time to answer questions and guide people like myself in the right direction.

  • Output Frequency: 462.675 mhz
  • Input Frequency: 467.675 mhz
  • PL Tone: 141.3 hz
  • Location: Elk Mtn. in Josephine County, Oregon.
  • Peak Type: Summit
  • Latitude: 42.541231 N
  • Longitue: -123.24728 W
  • Peak Elevation: 4,400 feet (1,341.12 m)
  • Nearest City: Rogue River (5.7 miles away)

  • Kenwood TKR-820 UHF Repeater - 30 Watts

I’ll try to get some pictures up soon.

Thank you again for all those of you that have made this possible. This is an expensive venture, and any and all support is greatly appreciated.

GMRS Repeater Coverage Elk Mtn. 675 GMRS Repeater Elk Mtn. 675 GMRS Repeater Elk Mtn. 675 GMRS Repeater Elk Mtn. 675 GMRS Repeater