Oregon GMRS Repeater

Two way GMRS radio communications for the Rogue Valley.

Click here for FCC Licensing information Also see Do I really need a license for GMRS?

There have been changes to the FCC Rules in regard to GMRS in the last year. Also check out the new Midland GMRS Micro Mobile radios! They are perfect for your vehicle, Side By Side or even as a base station at your home.

FCC Part 95e Title 47 of the Electronic Code of Regulations (GMRS)

OregonGMRS.org is a small group of people that wanted to resurect GMRS radio usage in the Rogue Valley. We quickly realized that GMRS radio is a great resource that isn't limited to little low power "walkie talkies" and can provide communications for anything from recreation, to assisting in natural disasters such as floods and fire which we experience often in Southern Oregon.

We also realized that given the limited range of UHF radios, and the mountainous terrain of the Rogue Valley, repeaters would be neccesary. After a bit of research and decided to take a chance and start with a repeater on Elk Mtn. This repeater is an open repeater with no requirements other than a FCC GMRS license and some courtesey. We want to work to expand GMRS usage and add more repeaters in the future, so please feel free to not only use the repeater(s) but to also check back on this site, get involved, donate when you can, and share ideas so that we can make improvements when needed

Ok, what is GMRS? GMRS is a UHF radio service available to the public with a simple no test required license. Radio communication has really fallen by the wayside due to such widespread coverage with cell phones and internet email, chat, social networking etc. While cell phones will never be replaced with two way radios in everyday life, some of us tend to venture out where even today there is no reliable cell service. Similar to FRS which is the radio service for families that utilizes those little 1/2 watt walkie talkies you can buy in the blister packs at WalMart or Cabelas, GMRS can utilize both small walkie talkie style radios, high power mobile units (up to 50 watts) and even mountain top repeaters. GMRS can be utilized for nearly anything you wish from communicating with other vehicles as you travel down the interstate, to keeping your children safe while camping, or even for emergencies when out in rural areas on adventures. The best part about GMRS is that once you pay for your license and your radios, your whole family can enjoy wireless communication without paying anyone monthly fees. An individual license is only $35.00 for 10 years (NO TEST REQUIRED) and allows your immediate family to transmit on GMRS.

Click here for FCC Licensing information Also see Do I really need a license for GMRS?

Sis-Q Communications has been an amazing company in Southern Oregon and has made Oregon GMRS repeaters possible. Recently founder Steve Porter has decided it's his time to enjoy traveling and retirement and has sold Sis-Q to Silke Communications. We are greatful to Steve and his company for all of the incredible support they have provided to make GMRS repeaters in the Rogue Valley possible.

Please check out Silke Communications for any of your two way or wireless communication needs. Silke is located at 1825 NE 6th St Grants Pass, OR 97526 541-659-5456 and is a licensed to sell and service Kenwood, Icom, Midland, Bendix King, Hytera, Vertex, Tait, and many other brands of commincations equipment. Check them out!!

Please Support Sis-Q Wireless with their incredible customer service, and amazing phone coverage with US Cellular

Radios are a fantastic tool for communication and emergency communications for everyone weather you're enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, exploring off road trails in your 4x4, dirt bike, side by side, or just want an affordable way to keep your family in communication around town or in the rural parts of Southern Oregon. Most of us have uses "walkie Talkies" and have experienced the limited range they offer. GMRS is a radio service that allows the use of "Repeaters" which are basically relay stations on mountain tops that can "repeat" your conversation at much greater distances than simply talking from one radio to another. GMRS requires a $35.00 FCC license that is good for your entire family, good for 10 years, does NOT require any tests, nd is extremely affordable ($3.50 per year!) This allows you to use repeaters and higher powered radio equipment as well as the GMRS radios you can purchase from most sporting goods stores. Get your FCC license now!

We don't charge for using our repeaters (it's actually unlawful to demand payment for use in GMRS) Our repeaters are free to use for any licensed individual or family. Businesses however are not allowd to use GMRS, thus preserving this service for people to talk freely on, discuss hobbies, locate each other, reach out for help and of course as always use for any emergency. We welcome people to talk and be polite, make friends, and just have a good time. You are welcome to donate to Oregon GMRS to help with the costs of the repeaters, but you are not required to.

Ask us about Pre-Programmed Radios. We can help you locate mobile and portable radios for licensed GMRS users, and can show you how easy it is to obtain your families GMRS license. We are not a business, just a group of friends trying to introduce and promote GMRS radio use for people that are interesed in two way radio communications.


GMRS (FCC Individual License Required) :

New (2017) FRS/GMRS Channel Table
Channel Frequency FRS Power FRS Bandwidth GMRS Power GMRS Bandwidth Notes/Usage
01462.56252 W12.5 kHz5 W20 kHz(1)
02462.58752 W12.5 kHz5 W20 kHz(1)
03462.61252 W12.5 kHz5 W20 kHz(1)
04462.63752 W12.5 kHz5 W20 kHz(1)
05462.66252 W12.5 kHz5 W20 kHz(1)
06462.68752 W12.5 kHz5 W20 kHz(1)
07462.71252 W12.5 kHz5 W20 kHz(1)
08467.56250.5 W12.5 kHz0.5 W12.5 kHz(1)
09467.58750.5 W12.5 kHz0.5 W12.5 kHz(1)
10467.61250.5 W12.5 kHz0.5 W12.5 kHz(1)
11467.63750.5 W12.5 kHz0.5 W12.5 kHz(1)
12467.66250.5 W12.5 kHz0.5 W12.5 kHz(1)
13467.68750.5 W12.5 kHz0.5 W12.5 kHz(1)
14467.71250.5 W12.5 kHz0.5 W12.5 kHz(1)
15462.55002 W12.5 kHz50 W20 kHz(1) (2)
16462.57502 W12.5 kHz50 W20 kHz(1) (2)
17462.60002 W12.5 kHz50 W20 kHz(1) (2)
18462.62502 W12.5 kHz50 W20 kHz(1) (2)
19462.65002 W12.5 kHz50 W20 kHz(1) (2)
20462.67502 W12.5 kHz50 W20 kHz(1) (2)
21462.70002 W12.5 kHz50 W20 kHz(1) (2)
22462.72502 W12.5 kHz50 W20 kHz(1) (2)
467.5500 50 W20 kHz(3)
467.5750 50 W20 kHz(3)
467.6000 50 W20 kHz(3)
467.6250 50 W20 kHz(3)
467.6500 50 W20 kHz(3)
467.6750 50 W20 kHz(3)
467.7000 50 W20 kHz(3)
467.7250 50 W20 kHz(3)