Oregon GMRS Repeater

Thanks to Steve Porter & Repeater owner Tyson Shultz for this great repeater!

Old Bald Mtn. Repeater Site: BALDY575

Small low power repeater, but in a good location for decent coverage. 100% solar powered site which may experience interrupted service during significant snow/storm events. Otherwise fully operational 24-7-365. Open for use to any licensed GMRS operator. Not fully tested yet, but should offer Interstate 5 coverage from Siskiyou Summit South of Ashland, to the Mt. Sexton Summit North of Grants Pass. Line of site at Manzanita rest area, then begins to fade behind mountains as you travel further North. Site will almost reach the town of Shady Cove on Highway 62. Unknown how far it will cover Highway 199 to the Southwest, but it is line of sight at the top of Hayes hill. Highway 238 from GP to Ruch will spotty coverage, but will carry you through. The duplexer was upgraded on 1/29/22 to provide better receiver sensitivity. The elevation of this site is 4,100'

  • Output Frequency: 462.575 mhz
  • Input Frequency: 467.575 mhz
  • PL Tone: 179.9 hz
  • Location: Old Bald Mtn. in Josephine County, Oregon.
  • Peak Type: Summit
  • Latitude: 42.490687°N,
  • Longitue: -123.231502°W
  • Peak Elevation: 4,100 feet
  • Nearest City: Grants Pass

  • 2X Kenwood TK-890 UHF Mobile Radios configured as a repeater