Oregon GMRS Repeater

Oregon GMRS Radio Repeaters in Southern Oregon! Two way Radio communications for families and individuals.

Sis-Q Communications has been an amazing company in Southern Oregon and has made Oregon GMRS repeaters possible. Recently founder Steve Porter has decided it's his time to enjoy traveling and retirement and has sold Sis-Q to Silke Communications. We are greatful to Steve and his company for all of the incredible support they have provided to make GMRS repeaters in the Rogue Valley possible.

Please check out Silke Communications for any of your two way or wireless communication needs. Silke is located at 1825 NE 6th St Grants Pass, OR 97526 541-659-5456 and is a licensed to sell and service Kenwood, Icom, Midland, Bendix King, Hytera, Vertex, Tait, and many other brands of commincations equipment. Check them out!!

Please Support Sis-Q Wireless with their incredible customer service, and amazing phone coverage with US Cellular

Radios are a fantastic tool for communication and emergency communications for everyone weather you're enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, exploring off road trails in your 4x4, dirt bike, side by side, or just want an affordable way to keep your family in communication around town or in the rural parts of Southern Oregon. Most of us have uses "walkie Talkies" and have experienced the limited range they offer. GMRS is a radio service that allows the use of "Repeaters" which are basically relay stations on mountain tops that can "repeat" your conversation at much greater distances than simply talking from one radio to another. GMRS requires a license that is good for your entire family, is good for 10 years, does NOT require any tests, and is extremely affordable (less than $7.00 per year!) This allow you to use repeaters and higher powered radio equipment as well as the GMRS radios you can purchase from most sporting goods stores. Get your FCC license now!

We don't charge for using our repeaters (it's actually unlawful to demand payment for use in GMRS) Our repeaters are free to use for any licensed individual or family. Businesses however are not allowd to use GMRS, thus preserving this service for people to talk freely on, discuss hobbies, locate each other, reach out for help and of course as always use for any emergency. We welcome people to talk and be polite, make friends, and just have a good time. You are welcome to donate to Oregon GMRS to help with the costs of the repeaters, but you are not required to.

Thank you again for all those of you that have made this possible. This is an expensive venture, and any and all support is greatly appreciated.

There have been changes to the FCC Rules in regard to GMRS in the last year. Also check out the new Midland GMRS Micro Mobile radios! They are perfect for your vehicle, Side By Side or even as a base station at your home.

Repeater Name Location Frequency Offset PL Tone Coords Elevation Power Type On Air Link
NV725 Grants Pass / Josephine / Gilbert Pk. 462.725 +5 141.3 42.489389N -123.305472°W 3170 ft 40 Watts Motorola XPR8300 Yes No
IV550 Selma / Josephine / Eight Dollar Mtn. 462.550 +5 141.3 42.2580°N, 123.6618°W 4001 ft 40 Watts Kenwood TKR850 Yes No
ELK675 Weimer / Jackson / Elk Mtn. 462.675 +5 141.3 42.541231°N, -123.24728°W 4400 ft 20 Watts Kenwood TKR820 Yes No
CP650 Central Point / Jackson 462.650 +5           No No
MFR600 Medford / Jackson 462.600 +5           No No