Oregon GMRS Repeater

Please help Oregon GMRS improve and maintain our repeaters.

We need your help! Maintaining a commercial grade GMRS repeater is not free. While we wish we could cover all costs of radio repeaters with just a smile and good intentions, the reality is that there are real expenses involved with this project, ranging from equipment to space rent in repeater towers. Donations are greatly appreciated, and your contributions will go toward not only maintaining the current Elk Mtn. repeater, but toward expanding GMRS coverage in Southern Oregon with proposed new repeater sites in the future as financing allows. No contribution is too small, and if everyone that uses the system donates a little, then we can keep improving the quality and reach of GMRS here in Oregon. Remember, all donations are volluntary, this repeater is "open" for public use to all licensed GMRS operators.

If you would like your call sign displayed as a "proud contributor" please email us and we will happily display that on this page.

Thank you for your support,


Without the support of people like Communications site owner Steve Porter (WRMB624), Silke Wireless, and many many others,  Oregon GMRS would not be possible.     

We would also like to thank the following individuals for their amazing contributions of either time or financial donations:

WRDY409 Doug
WRJX359 Karen
WRKU327 Wes
WRFN528 Bryan
WRFV644 Kameron
WRMS439 Dave
WRNX724 Jim
WRKF572 Bob
WQRR330 Ron

And many many more.